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March 24, 2021

Can you help Medieval Coventry with its exciting new, immersive walking tour revealing Coventry’s extraordinary medieval history?

Did you know that Coventry was the capital of England in the mid-15th century? Or that it used to be surrounded by an impenetrable wall over two miles long?

Medieval Coventry is developing a self-guided, digital tour designed to unearth Coventry’s medieval treasures – the beautiful buildings that can still be seen and those long since lost, but captured in photographs, watercolour paintings and line drawings. Through fascinating information and evocative ‘then and now’ images and views, the tour takes users on a journey into the past, as they walk the mile-long route at their own pace.

The tour is also available to view ‘virtually’ at home.

We are looking for volunteers, aged 18 and upwards, to test either the physical or the virtual ‘Medieval Treasures’ digital tour.

To test the tour you will simply need to:

  • Have access to a smartphone/tablet (for the physical tour)
  • Be available to conduct the tour any time between Wednesday 28 April to Sunday 16 May
  • Complete a short questionnaire or phone interview by the end of Monday 17 May.

The physical tour takes approximately 90 minutes and is about a mile long.

Participants will receive a £30 voucher.

If you would like to take part, please contact Anna Husband:

Find out more at: