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Royal Women of Influence Exhibition returns

March 30, 2020
Medieval Coventry will re-run the successful ‘Royal Women of Influence’ exhibition at Holy Trinity Church later in the year. This will include new panels explaining and interpreting the Holy Trinity Doom painting and a launch event (details to follow). The new panels and the lighting of the Doom painting were supported by Coventry City of Culture Trust and f

Mapping Coventry

March 30, 2020
Medieval Coventry is partnering with the Historic Towns Atlas team ( to produce an historical map of Coventry to be published in the March 2021. This follows on from other maps produced by HTA including London, York, Winchester, Hull and Oxford.

Coventry’s Medieval Drapery – new archaeological evidence!

August 22, 2019
In July, Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) completed excavations behind Drapers’ Hall in advance of the restoration and reopening of the hall as a classical music venue. Finds included a 15th-century workshop for making metal dress accessories such as buckles and brooches, together with a number of stone moulds for casting metal. The site lay to the north

St Mary’s Hall Tapestry Conference – experts analyse the tapestry

August 22, 2019
In advance of the conference headed by David Starkey on 27 September, a number of experts have taken a close look at the tapestry. Among them was Mika Takami from the Hampton Court tapestry conservation team and she will be reporting on her findings at the conference. The tapestry has been well preserved under the current high-quality casing which is now nea

Mappa Coventry – what buildings do you feel were important in Coventry’s history?

August 22, 2019
Coventry has seen more changes to its built environment than most British towns over the past 1,000 years. Which of Coventry’s current and lost buildings do you feel should be highlighted on a map of historic Coventry? They could include the medieval castle, Pilgrim’s Rest, the workshop of John Thornton, Gosford Gate chapel, the Ram Bridge, the Bishop’s Pala

Historian David Starkey to give opening talk at a conference on the tapestry at St Mary’s Hall, 27 September 2019

April 24, 2019
We are delighted to announce that the well-known historian Professor David Starkey will open a special conference about the magnificent tapestry that adorns the guildhall at St Mary’s Hall. It will take place on Friday, 27 September 2019. Other guest speakers include Dr Jonathan Foyle, Dr Kate Giles, Professor Maria Hayward, Dr Joanna Laynsmith and Fred Hepb

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