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Emma MacLellan, Culture Coventry


Mark Webb, University of Leicester and trustee, Medieval Coventry

Early medieval Coventry to c. 1350

Prof Peter Coss, Professor University of Cardiff

Reading the weavers playbooks as material traces of the Coventry Mysteries

Prof Pamela King, University of Glasgow

Medieval Houses in Spon Street: homes for the poor

Dr Nat Alcock, University of Warwick

Mapping Medieval Coventry: urban topographical developments across five centuries

Prof Keith Lilley, Queens University Belfast

Results of latest archaeological excavations in Coventry

Chris Patrick, City of Coventry Head of Archaeology

The merchants of later medieval Coventry

Dr Richard Goddard, University of Nottingham

The great medieval Drapery of Coventry

George Demidowicz, University of Birmingham

Creating a multi-sensory model of a late medieval industrial suburb: Spon Street Coventry

Prof Alan Chalmers, University of Warwick Department of Visualisation

Greyfriars and Whitefriars – the importance of Coventry’s medieval friaries

Deirdre O’Sullivan, University of Leicester

Coventry during the Wars of the Roses

Prof Peter Fleming, University of West of England

Medieval Coventry: majesty, splendour and music

Prof Andrew Kirkman, University of Birmingham and Prof Philip Weller, University of Nottingham

To view an extract of the Caput Mass being performed at St Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry, please click here.

The distinctive districts of late medieval Coventry

Mark Webb, University of Leicester and trustee, Medieval Coventry

The end of Medieval Coventry

Prof Donald Leech, University of Virginia Wise