Coventry's Medieval Treasures

Self-guided Tour

Coventry’s Medieval Treasures self-guided tour © Coventry University

Our brand new self-guided multimedia tour has now launched!

The Tour:

  • presents ‘then’ and ‘now’ images to reveal the medieval streets and buildings as depicted by artists and engravers
  • gives a glimpse of what Coventry was like during the Middle Ages.
  • introduces the people associated with the city – from townsfolk and merchants to nobility and royalty, and everyone in between!
  • unearths some of the medieval artefacts recently discovered by archaeologists
  • tells the story of how Coventry became an important royal residence for King Henry VI and Queen Margaret of Anjou in the 1450s
  • reveals exquisite documents that provide a fascinating insight into the social, working, religious and administrative life of the city’s inhabitants
  • encourages you to deepen and enrich your knowledge of medieval Coventry by spending time in the places seen or mentioned on the tour.

Accessing the tour:

It will run offline without the need for Internet access.

  • Find your way to the Metropolis Restaurant on Earl Street to begin.
  • Use the online maps, following the route and pausing at the Stopping Points.

The tour can also be used remotely on a computer PC.


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