We are delighted to announce that the well-known historian Professor David Starkey will open a special conference about the magnificent tapestry that adorns the guildhall at St Mary’s Hall. It will take place on Friday, 27 September 2019.

Other guest speakers include Dr Jonathan Foyle, Dr Kate Giles, Professor Maria Hayward, Dr Joanna Laynsmith and Fred Hepburn.

The early 16th-century tapestry, which is recognised as one of the finest medieval artworks to be found in the city, has at its focal point King Henry VI and Queen Margaret of Anjou who brought the royal court to Coventry in the 1450s. Yet it remains something of a mystery – Why was it commissioned? Who commissioned it? Who are the all characters? What about the symbolism? Where was it made?

These and other questions will be explored at the conference, which promises to be thought-provoking and illuminating in equal measure.

27 September 2019 – Save the Date!