Coventry has seen more changes to its built environment than most British towns over the past 1,000 years. Which of Coventry’s current and lost buildings do you feel should be highlighted on a map of historic Coventry?

They could include the medieval castle, Pilgrim’s Rest, the workshop of John Thornton, Gosford Gate chapel, the Ram Bridge, the Bishop’s Palace, the Market Cross.

Or what about modern structures such as the market clock tower, and factories such as Alvis, Standard, Singer and Courtaulds?

Medieval Coventry is joining with the Historic Town Atlas charity to produce a high quality fold-out historic map of Coventry. Supported by Historic England, the project will be community-based and will consult with the public on the buildings that should be included.

Please contact if you would like to get involved or if you have any suggestions. Please note this is will be a historic map of all periods of Coventry’s history – not just medieval.